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Rokewood Ltd has been producing oriental vegetables since 1987 with a produce portfolio that includes over 20 different varieties, the most popular being Pak Choi (Bok Choy). Other leading vegetables include Choi Sum, Kai Choi, Kai Lan (Chinese Broccoli), Chinese Celery,Tong Ho.

The demand for Oriental food in the UK has grown steadily over the past three decades and Rokewood Ltd has grown with it. Nowadays, it is not just restaurants that seek Oriental produce, both Chinese and English supermarkets also buy from Rokewood Ltd.

Rokewood Ltd' relationship with growers abroad ensures the supply of vegetables all year round. Exotic produce that cannot be grown under UK climate conditions is supplied through these special relationships. Imported produce includes pomelo, lotus root, green radish, water chestnut, winter melon, yam bean, arrowroot, arrowhead (for Chinese New Year) and sweet potatoes (purple flesh) for the Chinese ex-pat community.

As a supplier to both major UK and Chinese supermarkets/outlets, there is a requirement to produce high quality fresh vegetables whilst adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness and care. That is why Rokewood Ltd takes pride in its extensive quality assurance and food safety programmes. As a matter of fact, every step of the way, stringent monitoring and processes exist to ensure that nothing but the finest quality vegetables ever reach the customer.

Rokewood Ltd has always maintained and built long-term relationships with suppliers, staff and customers for mutual benefit.

Rokewood Ltd aims to find ways on how to introduce and educate oriental and exotic produce to the UK public. The Rokewood Ltd' website contains easy and simple recipes on how to cook and prepare oriental produce. In addition there are some recipes created for Rokewood Ltd by TV chef and author Ching-He Huang. Ching is a recognized TV chef and creator/adaptor of both traditional and fusion Chinese cooking. (For more of Rokewood Ltd recipes please go to our recipes section.)


Rokewood Ltd has been working the land in Wisbech for a considerable number of years, currently led by managing director David Lam, who is continually raising the bar in order to set new standards. On the Farm, he is supported by a capable team of 18 staff.

The main production encompasses approximately 15 acres of protected cover area, including glasshouses and tunnels. There is also an additional 15 acres of land on the site available for future development including plans for the construction of a larger pack house and coldstore.


Rokewood Ltd' believes in innovation through experimentation and trials in order to meet future demands, to encourage the culture of best practise and to be environmentally friendly. This philosophy has led to the successful growing and/or packing of the company's landmark product Pak Choi and other select Chinese vegetables.


There are plans to include a reservoir to collect rainwater in the winter months for the dry summers. This area of land is called "NPD (New Produce Development) garden" where seedlings from Asia and experiments with new varieties of Asian vegetables are on trial.

In the nursery close to the main office, there is a site called "Hydroponics system" - a growing technique that uses water rather than the earth. The seedlings are placed on floating re-usable polystyrene foam and sit in what is like a large water bath (with added nutrients), allowing the plants to absorb them easily. This system has great advantages for the business from increasing productivity, water saving, reducing pesticide use and more importantly as the vegetables are grown at waist height on benches, a much more comforting experience for the workers during harvesting.
(For more of Rokewood Ltd Hydroponics please go to hydroponics.html.)

Trial crops include Purple Pak Choi, Multi Stem Cabbage and Watercress.


The growing of a variety of crops allows for wide rotations to improve quality, as well as reducing chemical inputs. Rokewood Ltd works 34 acres of grade one silt soil and prides itself on some of the most talented and motivated growers around.

In brief:
Operates a full traceability system - produce can be traced from seed to final product
Assured Produce accredited
All systems operated are controlled by own HACCP system by a dedicated team
An accredited pest control system is in place.
Packaging in contact with produce is of food grade materials
Most staff are trained in basic food hygiene

As a member of the Assured Produce Scheme and LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), Rokewood Ltd prides itself on traceability and growing speciality vegetables primarily for the quality retail outlets. Rokewood Ltd are renowned for their unrivalled customer service.

Since their 1987 inception Rokewood Ltd has been both packer and marketing arm for niche market crops, their ability to provide complete customer service has set them apart from the competition. Pak Choi requires high quality handling at every stage and demands specialist growing skills. Rokewood Ltd are specialists and have become renowned leading suppliers.

Rokewood Ltd is committed to quality and service 365 days of the year. It follows the Fresh Produce Consortium's codes of practice, has the British Retail Consortium Accreditation (Higher Level), and the pack house operates a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Food Safety System (HACCPS).

For further information please email david@rokewood.co.uk or ring us on (+44) 1945 583 0335.